FEMA/CISA Essential Services Letter Remains Valid

Last May, the Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Administration (CISA) of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a letter recognizing broadcast station employees as essential workers during the initial wave of the COVID pandemic.  This allowed broadcast workers to travel to and from work during the pandemic. While the COVID travel regulations imposed by New York state take precedence, the CISA letter was helpful.

The letter was signed by CISA Director Christopher Krebs, who was fired recently by President Trump.  The departure of Mr. Krebs does not invalidate the letter.  The letter remains effective. David Villyard, NCC COMM-ISAC Federal Chair of DHS’ CISA Integrated Operations Division has stated:

“The original letter signed by Director Krebs as the Director of CISA is still in effect until another CISA Director or authorized person either reissues or terminates the current letter”

Stations seeking to obtain a copy of the letter may do so by contacting Carolyn at cnash@nysbroadcasters.org

While this letter will help stations, they still must comply with New York State rules and regulations.  Broadcast workers are considered “essential workers” under New York State law.

To see both the federal and state rules click HERE.

To see the most up to date travel regulations in New York click HERE.


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