Using Digital Techniques to Sell Traditional Advertising

An interesting commentary by Nik Hengel, (Director of Localytics for the Geo-Spatial Analytics Group at Novus) appeared in a recent edition of Street Fight.   While the article noted that digital advertising has increased, traditional broadcasting is a vibrant platform for advertising:

“The reality is that people still watch TV, listen to the radio, and drive by OOH boards. It isn’t an OR, it is an AND — traditional media and digital. A huge miss with avoiding traditional media is scale. Sure, custom Facebook targeting is great, but can you reach two million people with one spot?”

The article goes on to describe how to sell traditional media by focusing on elements that have been the the key to digital marketing including; 1) physical location of the client, 2) physical location of the consumer, 3) messaging, 4) timing and 5) targeting the correct person.

To see the complete commentary in Street Fight click HERE.


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