ATC 3.0 – Sinclair Issues Whitepaper on Monetization

For years the TV industry has been anticipating the roll out of ATSC 3.0.  This new voluntary standard can lead to fundamental changes in TV business models.  These potential changes were discussed in a recent “White Paper” issued by Sinclair’s ONE Media:

“The business opportunities made possible by the next generation of broadcast technology— especially in datacasting and mobility—dwarf the broadcast business as we know it.

“You have to think about broadcasting in terms of the IP infrastructure of this country, not the same business we’ve been in for a long time,’ said Mark Aitken, president of ONE Media 3.0, an organization coordinating the technical deployment of ATSC 3.0, a bit-transport technology unlike any other now in use. Aitken laid out a vision of the financial potential of integrating broadcasting into the nation’s IP infrastructure during the recent first webinar of a six-episode series on making money with ATSC 3.0. ‘We are building the equivalent of a broadcast telco.” This broadcast telco vision encompasses a data commodities market over a CONUS network with unprecedented last-mile delivery capacity—alongside the traditional television business updated for a technologically sophisticated.”

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