NYSBA Offers Scholarships to NAB’s On-line Sales and Management Television Exchange (SMTE) – Contact us by October 5th

For the past several years, NYSBA has offered scholarships to the NAB’s Small Market TV Exchange. This year the event will be on line and has been rebranded by NAB as the Sales and Management Television Exchange.  The program can be found on the NAB website HERE.

We will be offering thirty (30) scholarships to attend the virtual NAB Sales & Management TV Exchange scheduled for October 14th & 15th.   According to the NAB, TV stations in DMA’s 50+ are eligible.  Thus, individuals working at stations in all New York Markets, with the exception of New York City, are eligible.  Participants will be selected at a random drawing.

While we plan to award one scholarship per station, stations may submit multiple applications.  To be eligible, stations must be: 1) located in an eligible market, 2) current with their NYSBA dues obligations and 3) an active participant in the NYSBA’s NCSA Program.

Individuals working at member stations wishing to participate must send an email with the name of the individual attending, the station and contact information no later than 5:00PM on Monday, October 5, 2020.  Emails should be sent to –majacon@nysbroadcasters.org


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