iHeart Study – Radio Most Trustworthy Source

A recent story in in Radio World reported the results of an interesting study conducted by iHeart.  The study found that radio was the most trustworthy media source.  The Study found that:

              • 75% of those surveyed trust radio
              • 66% of those surveyed trust television
              • 57% of those surveyed trust websites
              • 38% of those surveyed trust Twitter
              • 37% of those surveyed trust Facebook

What is most interesting is that trust in social media platforms has declined significantly.  According to the article in Radio World

“…Comparatively, social media was seen to be 50% less trustworthy than during the same time period. Similar sentiments were in store for other social media sites. In particular, the survey found that sentiment for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has fallen in recent months, with Facebook down 56%, Instagram down 38% and Twitter down 140%.”

To see the complete article in Radio World click HERE.


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