NYSBA Files with FCC to Keep Berkshire County in Albany Market

Earlier this year the FCC opened a new proceeding looking at its significantly viewed standard for defining TV broadcast markets.  The Massachusetts Department of Telecommunication and Cable (MDTC) filed a pleading, seeking to change the FCC’s rules to take Berkshire County out of the Albany market.

Last year, Senator Ed Markey (D MA) introduced legislation that would have allowed stations in the Springfield DMA to be carried on Berkshire County cable systems.  That legislation included provisions protecting the non-duplication and program exclusivity rights of Albany stations.  After much negotiation, Senator Markey was able to broker a private agreement between Charter Communications and Nexstar Media Group to carry local Massachusetts news from Springfield in Berkshire County.  The MDTC plan would upend this agreement and harm Albany stations.  We filed to oppose MDTC’s proposal.

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