FCC Issues Cost Catalog for C-Band Relocation – Stations Must Elect to Accept a Lump or Receive Relocation Costs by August 31st

Earlier this year the FCC issued an order regarding payment for stations that are moving their C-Band earth stations to make way for new 5G services.  Radio and TV stations use C-Band earth stations to receive network and syndicated programs.

The FCC held that stations moving their C-Band operations  may accept either: (1) reimbursement for their actual reasonable relocation costs to maintain satellite reception; or (2) a lump sum reimbursement “based on the average, estimated costs of relocating all of their incumbent earth stations” to the upper 200 megahertz of the C-band. The election must be made by August 31st.

The FCC has now announced the amounts to be paid as a lump sum payment for each C-Band Earth stations registered with the FCC:

  • Receive-Only Earth Station with a Single-feed Antenna – $8,948;
  • Receive-Only Earth Station with a Multi-feed Antenna – $16,997;
  • Small Multi-beam (2-4 beams) Earth Station Antenna – $42,062;
  • Large Multi-beam (5+ beams) Earth Station Antenna – $51,840;
  • Gateway Earth Station Antenna (bi-directional) – $20,854; and
  • Temporary Fixed Earth Station Antenna (e.g., mobile ENG trucks) – $3,060.

For an excellent memo outlining the process from our friends at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP click HERE.

To see the FCC’s Public Notice Regarding the Lump Sum Election click HERE.

To see the FCC’s Cost Catalog click HERE.

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