FCC Extends Date for C- Band Lump Sum Reimbursement Election to September 14th

On August 20th, the FCC issued an Order extending the lump sum election deadline until September 14, 2020.  The original date for the election was August 31st.  The Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) and others asked for the extension.  The Wireless Bureau stated:

“The Bureau, acting on delegated authority, waives the deadline established by section 27.1419 of the Commission’s rules to the extent necessary to extend the lump sum election deadline to September 14, 2020.”

“[W]e find that the SBE has shown good cause for an extension, and that the public interest will be served by granting an extension to September 14, 2020. We believe that extending the lump sum election deadline to September 14, 2020, will serve the public interest by providing incumbent earth station operators with additional time to make informed decisions about their lump sum elections and to gather the information necessary to make the required submissions. The public interest would not, however, be served by extending the election deadline beyond September 14, 2020.”

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