The FCC to Eliminate Common Antenna Siting Rule for Radio

The FCC’s modernization program moves forward with the elimination of the shared services rules.  FCC Chairman Agit Pai noted in his recent blog:

“The second media modernization item on our August agenda goes all the way back to rules adopted during World War II. Back then, the Commission froze the construction of new broadcast facilities in order to preserve equipment and materials (or materiel, if you’re so inclined) for the war effort. At the same time, the Commission adopted rules requiring existing broadcast licensees to share their facilities in certain situations. To our knowledge, there has never been a case where all the criteria necessary to invoke the rules were successfully met. And given the significant broadcast infrastructure deployment since then, and the fact most towers are now owned by independent companies that lease tower space to broadcasters, these rules no longer serve any practical purpose. In fact, we didn’t receive a single comment in the record from any broadcast licensees that would most directly be affected by repealing these antenna siting rules. Hence, an upcoming vote in August to eliminate them.”

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