The FCC Expected to Eliminate AM Duplication Rules

In his recent blog, FCC Chairman Agit Pai outlined his plans for the FCC August meeting. He is looking to eliminate the rule that prevents duplication of content by commonly owned AM and FM stations in the same market.  He stated:

“In 1964, the FCC first adopted rules to restrict the duplication of programming on commonly-owned broadcast radio stations operating in the same geographic area. We’ve revised them several times throughout the decades in response to changing market conditions. The current version of the rule was adopted in 1992. Going on three decades later, the rules are overdue for a revision. So the Commission will be voting on an order to eliminate the radio duplication rule as it pertains to AM stations, but retain its application to FM stations. The record indicates that the realities of the marketplace and technical challenges faced by AM broadcasters suggest the rule should be eliminated with respect to that service. This approach will afford AM broadcast licensees greater flexibility, facilitate all-digital broadcasting by AM stations, and ultimately allow stations to improve service to their communities.”

To see a copy of the FCC’s proposed decision click HERE. 


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