Nielsen – Advertising Value Shifts to Traditional Media and Away from Digital

Brad Kelly, Managing Director of Nielsen, authored an important article in a recent edition of Radio Ink.  In the article, he explained why the advertising value proposition for broadcasting was increasing when compared to digital.  He noted:

“When marketers jumped on the digital and social media bandwagon, in some cases it was at the expense of traditional media — broadcast radio and TV.  But due to a new, heightened societal awareness, the tectonic plates of marketing are again shifting. Marketers are responding to public outcry and their media plans are in a state of flux. As advertisers re-evaluate the media mix in search of brand-safe alternatives, broadcast media is getting a fresh look.  “Consumer safe content” and “brand safe” are today’s watchwords among CMOs.”

The article includes important data to back up his argument. This article is worth the read.

To access his article in Radio Ink click HERE.


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