COVID-19 New York Travel Restrictions and News Media Exemptions

Governor Cuomo has imposed restrictions on individuals traveling from states with high levels of COVID-19.  The states include: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.

Generally, people traveling from these states must be quarantined upon arrival.  However, as an “essential service” people working for broadcasters may be exempt from the 14 day quarantine requirement.  Individuals working for broadcast companies must be tested upon arrival.  Generally this means getting tested and reporting back to NY DOH.  If the test is negative, then as an essential service, you would be able to go back to work.

Unfortunately there is no one document or ID card that has been prepared by New York State.  We suggest carrying some form identification demonstrating that you work for a radio or television station.  Importantly, New York law classifies the “news media” as an essential service.  This classification is broad enough to encompass all individuals working at radio and television stations in the state.

If there are any questions upon your arrival, please refer to the following documents:

NY Department of Health Travel Regulations – Creating an exemption for essential workers or click HERE.

NY Empire State Development – classifying broadcasters as an essential service statewide

NYPD – Memo stating news media is essential service for COVID rules.

FEMA/CISA letter and guidelines stating essential services should be granted access. Broadcasters are considered to be an essential service.

To access the New York State COVID 19 Travel web site click HERE.


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