Quarterly Issues Programs Lists, Children’s TV Reports and Other Filings Due in July

Noted FCC Attorney David Oxenford has prepared an analysis of the various reports due to the FCC in July.  The following are due:

Quarterly Issues Programs List: Due Date – July 10th

  • All TV and radio stations must upload to their public file their Quarterly Issues/Programs Lists for the 2nd quarter (April, May and June).
  • Stations that opted for the FCC’s extension of time to file their 1st quarter (January, February and March) list must also upload lists by July 10th.

TV Children’s Television Programming (Kid Vid) Reports:  Due Date July 10th

The report was initially due in January, but the deadline was extended  to July 10 due to coronavirus.  The report to be filed in July covers September 16, 2019 through December 31, 2019.  The next report, likely due in January 2021, will cover all of 2020.

Upload Contact for TV Carriage Election: Due Date July 31

TV stations and multichannel video programming distributors (e.g., cable and satellite providers) have until July 31 to upload to their public file or the Cable Operations and Licensing System a phone number and email address to be used for receiving signal carriage notices and questions.  This information must be kept current. Must-carry and retransmission consent carriage election statements that must be uploaded by stations to their online public files by October 1 of this year for the 2021-2023 cycle.

To see a complete analysis by David Oxenford of all the FCC filings that are due in July click HERE.


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