NYSBA Asks the FCC to Lower Broadcast Regulatory Fees

Despite the collapse in advertising markets, the FCC is proposing to increase the annual fees paid by broadcasters.  We oppose this policy.  Now is not the time to increase regulatory fees.   NYSBA, in conjunction with 48 state associations, filed comments with the FCC, asking it to reexamine its fee structure.

The Joint Comments argued that the FCC’s methodology for setting broadcast regulatory fees does not comply with the RAY BAUM’s Act of 2018, and must be revamped to comply with that law.  Part of that revamp must include charging regulatory fees not just to FCC licensees, but to all parties benefiting from the FCC’s operations, including technology and other companies that benefit from the FCC’s efforts to make unlicensed spectrum available while only increasing interference to broadcasters.  Finally, the Joint Comments presented a number of action items the FCC needs to undertake immediately, including simplifying the process for stations seeking regulatory fee waivers and deferrals, and ending its policy of prohibiting stations that are already in debt to the FCC from seeking a waiver of this year’s regulatory fees.

To see a copy of the comments filed with the FCC click HERE.


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