FCC Extends Sponsorship ID Waiver for Time Donated to Government Based COVID-19 PSA’s to August 31st

The outbreak of COVID 19 caused a number of commercial advertisers to pull back from advertising contracts.  In some cases these companies donated their paid commercial time to COVID-19 PSAs from government entities. In response the FCC decided that such PSAs did not have to contain a sponsorship ID naming the commercial entity that donated the time.

“In order to make use of the previously purchased advertising time, some of these entities sought to donate the time for the purpose of broadcasting public service announcements (PSAs) prepared by, or on behalf of, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), or other governmental agencies or public health authorities, regarding COVID-19.6 Such PSAs can provide critical public health information to viewers and listeners. The PSAs identify the CDC, or other governmental agency or public health authority, as the source of the announcement.”

This was a very limited waiver.  Nonetheless, the FCC just extended to waiver to August 31st.

To see the FCC decision click HERE.


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