Comscore Analysis – Impact of Reopening on TV Viewing

As New York begins to reopen, COMSCORE has conducted an interesting analysis on the impact of reopening on TV viewing.  The study examined:

“To gauge the changes in TV viewing, we purposefully chose markets to represent three different stay at home levels – Orders in Place, Orders Lifted, and no orders, which we refer to as Order Nevers. These stay at home orders are generally placed at the state level and no compensations were made for any local or city differences.  We used the below markets in each category:

    • Orders in Place: Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles & New York 
    • Orders Lifted: Atlanta, Columbia, SC & Nashville 
    • Order Nevers: Des Moines & Sioux Falls”

The results present an interesting picture for stations in areas moving to Phase Two.  To see the analysis click HERE


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