Back on the Road – That’s Good News for Radio

Since the COVID-19 shut down, automobile use has declined.  The lack of a strong “drive time” has had a negative impact on radio.  With the reopening of New York, driving has increased. While that means more traffic, it is good news for radio.  Jacobs Media has prepared an analysis focusing on this trend.

“COVID-19 has disrupted everything in our lives these last 100 days – and in-car radio listening has not been exempt from the turbulence.  That goes a long way toward explaining why cume listening to radio – in essence, the medium’s “circulation” – has been dented, and then some – by the lockdown and its reverberations. But there are three emerging stories revolving around the automobile – and radio – that promise to impact broadcasters this summer and through the end of the year – at least.  And if radio plays them well, the year could end on an uptrend in both ratings and revenue.”

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