UK Report  – Some Programmatic Supply Chain Costs ‘Unattributable’

A study commissioned by the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) examined closely the programmatic supply chain in the UK.  According to the ISBA, “This study set out to identify each element of the supply chain, understand the services and costs at each stage..” The intention was to provide a more transparent view of the UK programmatic supply chain, for the benefit of all participants and the industry as a whole.”

The findings were extremely interesting.  According to the analysis:

“In this study, publishers received half of advertiser spend. [Fifteen Percent] 15% of advertiser spend – the unknown delta, representing around one third of supply chain costs – could not be attributed.”

The results may provide insights into the programmatic supply chain costs in the United States.  

To see a copy of the ISBA report click HERE.  


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