Media Staffing Network Management Webinar Series

These are archived webinars hosted by the Media Staffing Network.  The sessions focused on issues surrounding reopening business. Webinars are provided for free to members in good standing of the New York State Broadcasters Association.

  1. June 4 –  Managing a Remote Team (archived)

Setting up, monitoring even interviewing and onboarding can be done remotely. As businesses re-open, how can you offer a safe workspace while keeping your team motivated and productive. Gain tips on how you can implement plans to manage, hire and onboard remote workers.

  1. June 11 –  Re-Think, Re-Tool, Respond, Rebound (archived)

Business will come back with many new employment challenges along with some of the same ones as before the COVID-19 crisis.  ​Keeping a fully performing staff will be essential, especially in sales. In this session, we will cover what your new team may look like, how to create and manage remote workers. Learn how to entice back staff ​​who may be making more money on unemployment. The new normal is going to look quite different, so it is time to prepare so you will gain a strong understanding on how to navigate it. ​

  1. June 18​​ – Let’s Talk Marketing (archived)

From building a more effective job profile and job posting, learn how to reach those you need to attract your ideal candidates. Stop sounding desperate when promoting your companies opportunities, overcoming the perception that broadcast is old school. Creating a strong social media image is essential which includes online profiles to your website.

  1. June 25 -Tips & Tactics to More Effective Interviewing (archived)

In a few months we have gone from the lowest unemployment in decades to one of the highest. You may be in-undated with job seekers, but it is still crucial to hire correctly to lesson turnover. You still may not be attracting the people you most want to hire causing you to pursue passive prospects. Learn what recruiters do to gain their interest.

  1. July 9 – Compensation and Onboarding – How they work together (archived)

Different models of compensation for individual and team selling along with ideas on keeping new hires engaged. Onboarding is much more than ‘orientation’, learn what it takes to attract, hire and retain the best. We will layout long term orientation plans.

  1. July 16 – The Talent Pipeline – A must in recruitment success (archived)

Hands-on with templates on how to create your own talent pipeline for any position. How to populate the list, build the relationships and keep prospects warm until you need them. We include scripts for cold calling.

  1. TBD I want a career in media

Targeted to any age, any position. We cover all of the basics on what jobs are open and how to pursue. Resume tips, communication and follow up. It often leads to an active Q & A with participants. This webinar is perfect for students and will be offered in the fall.