New York Issues Guidelines for Reopening Regions

The Southern Tier, Finger Lakes, North Country, Central NY and Mohawk Valley Regions were allowed to re-open last Friday – May 15th. The Capital Region has only one more criterion to meet and is expected to open later this week.  The remainder of the state (NYC, Long Island, Mid-Hudson Valley and Western NY) will remain subject to the NY Pause restrictions until May 28th.  However, if benchmarks are achieved before May 28, then these other regions may reopen.  

Not every business will be allowed to reopen.  Only Phase 1 businesses may begin operating. To see which business are located in each phase click HERE.

As essential services broadcasters are eligible to be open in all regions. While “New York Forward” guidelines were written for businesses that are reopening, stations should abide by the new guidelines as well.  This means that even if your region has not yet reopened, you should prepare to meet these guidelines.

A key requirement is to develop a written COVID-19 plan for reopening.  You need to post the plan at the workplace. You do not have to submit the plan to the NY Department of Health, but it must be available for inspection. Local County Health departments will be enforcing the rules. 

NY Dept. of Health has developed a proposed template for all businesses 

Phase in Guidelines:  While drafted for specific Phase 1 industries, the guidelines may be adapted for broadcasting.

The NY FORWARD plan for opening up businesses can be found at

Dashboard listing your region and the metrics for re-opening can be found at

RTDNA has issued recommended guidelines for newsrooms that you may find helpful

NAB has developed basic guidelines for operations that you may find useful to include in your plan

For the CDC Guidance to reopen businesses click HERE.

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