FCC Fines Radio Station $20K for Using EAS Alert Tones in Programming

Once again we remind stations not to use EAS alert tones in entertainment programming.   The FCC takes these rules very seriously.  It just fined a station in New York station $20 thousand for violating this rule.  The FCC stated:

“The Commission’s rules prohibit transmitting or causing the transmission of Emergency Alert System (EAS) codes or Attention Signals or simulations thereof (collectively EAS Tones or Tones) in the absence of an actual national, state or local area emergency, authorized test of the EAS, or a qualified public service announcement (PSA). Unauthorized use of the EAS Tones undermines the EAS and presents a substantial threat to public safety.”

Those tones trigger EAS boxes on stations in your market, and possibly across the state. We urge you to remind your staff not to include these tones in any programming.

To see the FCC’s Notice of Apparent Liability click HERE.


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