Bipartisan Senate Letter Asks for Expansion in SBA Eligibility

Over the weekend, Senator Maria Cantwell (D WA),  Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D MN), Sen. John  Boozman (R. AR) and Sen. John Kennedy (R. LA) sent a letter to the Senate leadership asking for modifications in the SBA eligibility requirements.   The letter asks for a change in the SBA rules as applied to local stations and newspapers.

“Ensuring that local news outlets remain viable at this critical time is not only a matter of fairness, but is essential to public health. Local newspapers, radio, and television stations provide important local content that keeps their communities informed. People rely on local newspapers and broadcasters to cover school and business closures, to widely communicate public health guidance, and to combat life-threatening misinformation. The CARES Act waived the affiliation rule for hotels and restaurants allowing them to benefit from small business assistance, and the same consideration should extend to local news outlets in light of their vital role in maintaining public health.”

We agree that the current SBA rules exclude many broadcasters that are providing life-saving information to their communities.  As “First Informers” we are more important to local communities than a chain of restaurants.  Most importantly, SBA needs a significant infusion of money ASAP.

To see a copy of the Senate Letter click HERE.


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