What Historic Station News Videos Can Teach Us about Race Relations Today

The horrible killing of George Floyd has triggered an important discussion about race across America.  This country’s division along racial lines has a long and tragic history.  Many stations have historic news footage that can document this troubling journey.  Former WIVB reporter and anchor Rich Newberg of Buffalo is coordinating a project in Buffalo that will use these videos as a “teachable moments”.  A recent article in the Buffalo News documented his efforts.

“But that history – and much more – is documented in a series of short “teachable moments in time” videos that Newberg has put together from the station’s Black history specials he co-hosted with former colleague Mylous Hairston as well as his own work over the decades.

His goal? To make them available for classroom teachers to bring Buffalo’s Black history to life in ways that textbooks and dry lectures never could. The bite-sized moments of living history, co-produced with videographer Tom Vetter, cover everything from Buffalo as an Underground Railroad terminus to its key role in the Niagara Movement to its place as a tour stop in the development of jazz.”

NYSBA congratulates Rich on this important project.

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