Send Us Your Favorite Public Affairs Campaign

In addition to and separate from the Excellence in Broadcasting Awards, NYSBA wants to recognize stations for their public service efforts.  Our “Serving New York Awards” recognize the extraordinary efforts of New York State’s broadcasters in serving the public interest every day.  The Serving New York Awards focus exclusively on a station’s public service campaigns (both on-air and off-air) and the community groups involved in those efforts.

We are asking stations to submit a one or two paragraph description of their public service campaign.   It can be either an on air or off air campaign.  Please send the description to

Additional details and information can be found on the NYSBA by clicking HERE.

We will recognize stations for their public service efforts at our regional lunches in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, Albany, Long Island and New York City.  (These are the same as our Excellence in Broadcasting luncheons)

Stations are encouraged to invite a public interest group that you have worked with during the past year. Attending representatives of your invited public interest groups will be presented with an award as well.


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