Pew Research – Most Americans Think News Media Has Got it About Right 

Reporting on the COVID 19 crisis requires a delicate balance between informing and scaring a community.  A recent analysis by PEW research seems to indicate that the news media is doing a good job. According to the Report:  

“Americans give the news media fairly high marks for their coverage of COVID-19, though most think their reporting has at least somewhat exaggerated the risks. Misinformation has also found its way into the information stream. About half the public (48%) say they’ve been exposed to at least some made-up news and information related to the virus. And when asked two questions about the virus, substantial portions express belief in claims that are in fact false. These findings come from a survey of 8,914 U.S. adults who are members of the Center’s American Trends Panel.”

To see the analysis from the PEW Research Center click HERE


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