NYSBA Adds New “Audio 360” Course from IAB 

With many of you working from home, we have expanded our free on-line training.  NYSBA provides on-line training from RAB, Local Broadcast Sales (LBS) as well as NYSBA’s introductory TV sales training.

We offer a full suite of courses from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and are proud to announce a new course: Audio-360.  IAB describes the course as follows:

Audio has a long history with advertising that started way before the podcast boom. From a simple jingle to a terrestrial radio advertisement, there are certain sounds we associate with brands. Audio-360 dives into where audio has been, where it’s going, and how advertisers are taking advantage of it for the future. Learn about the full suite of digital audio opportunities and what it can do for your client or business. Audio is where screens are not – are you?

Now is the time to take advantage of these free on-line courses! Our complete line up of courses can be found HERE.

Training courses are available to members in good standing.  To register contact Carolyn at cjung@nysbroadcasters.org


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