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LBS Free Webinar What’s Your COVID-19 Strategy?

Thursday, March 26th 12:12 PM ET (Yes, this is the real start time)

All hands on deck!  Uncertainty abounds as our government tries to get its arms around the COVID-19 virus. Broadcastsellers and managers are now finding themselves working from home, geographically isolated from each other, and looking for answers to provide to panicked prospects and clients.

To that end, Local Broadcast Sales is hosting an unprecedented webinar for TV and radio station owners, leaders, managers, and reps! Join us as FOUR industry icons spend a full hour providing you with ideas, strategies, and thought starters for your consideration. Plan to stay after for an extended Q&A time with these LBS leaders who have agreed to stay on to answer all of your relevant questions!  To register now and you’re sure you can make it, please use this link