FCC May Permit Waivers of 15% LMA Programming Limit During COVID-19 Crisis 

Under the FCC’s current LMA rules, news programming under the terms of these agreements may not exceed 15% of the brokered station’s weekly programming hours.  Thus, provision of programming in excess of 15% of the brokered television station’s weekly programming hours may result in violation of the Local Television Ownership Rule.

During the period that the COVID-19 outbreak remains a national emergency, individual licensees may request temporary waivers of the Local Television Ownership Rule to provide more news coverage to brokered stations than is currently provided by existing LMA arrangements if such additional coverage would exceed 15% of their current weekly programming hours.

Waiver requests should be made by email to David Brown, Deputy Chief, Video Division at david.brown@fcc.gov or Barbara Kreisman, Chief, Video Division at barbara.kreisman@fcc.gov

Additional information can be found on the FCC’s website HERE.


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