Compliance with New Laws Relating to Sick Leave and Paid Family Leave

Federal and New York Law have expanded benefits to employees. For example, the new FMLA Act changed the federal eligibility standards from “50 or more employees” to “under 500 employees.” This means that many small businesses will now become subject to federal law and required to provide protected sick leave.  Moreover, there is significant overlap between New York and Federal laws. Compliance is complicated.  To provide you with the most up to date information, we suggest you look at the following.

New York Business Council Corona Virus Webinar – This is an excellent webinar that is being offered for free.  The webinar devotes a significant amount of time discussing the interrelationship between federal and New York State law.  It is very good.  You can access it HERE.

Media Financial Management Association COVID 19 – Thursday March 26 at 1 PM Eastern – This webinar covers the latest developments in emergency federal legislation along with current and pending changes to the FMLA. Questions to be covered range from how to communicate with your team, handling quarantine and incubation periods, managing employees working from home, company responsibilities related to hourly employees, and revising PTO and sick leave policies. 

The webinar is $50 for MFM members and $75 for non-members. You may register for the webinar HERE


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