Corona Virus – Stations Should Be Prepared

Broadcasters serve a critical role in keeping our communities informed and updated.  We must walk a fine line between informing the public and not being an alarmist.  As of yesterday, NY State Department of Health noted the location of the the following cases have been recognized in NY:

We are offering this information today to try to help you prepare for the ongoing developments regarding the Coronavirus.

Unlike previous viruses, the Coronavirus appears to have 14+ day incubation period. This may be reduced or increased in the weeks ahead. Also, the vast majority of people exposed to the virus do not show any signs of being affected, but could be carriers in their communities.

Station Preparedness

  1. Supplies: You need to have adequate supplies of cleaning materials to keep your station as safe as possible for employees.
  2. Cross training/Working from home: In case your employees are exposed, and need to be quarantined, you may want to evaluate who could help cover their workload while they are out, as well as having computers or other equipment to allow them to work from home.
  3. Employees: You may want to review with your corporation the leave policy in case someone is required to self quarantine at home, or has become infected with the virus. In addition, you may want to consider policies for employees who have school aged children in case their school is closed, and they will need to be able to take care of their children.
  4. Physical Contact: You may consider discouraging any physical contact in the workplace including handshakes. Some companies are opting for a “fist bump” instead of the traditional handshake for the time being, in an effort to minimize contact.
  5. Resources:

A: CDC – This link takes you to the CDC and has information on the virus and guidance for businesses and employers. It links back to every issue related to this virus.

The most recent CDC information can be found HERE.

Specific information for businesses can be found HERE.

B: NIH – Dr. Tony Fauci is the NIAID Director at NIH. He is the most respected person in the United States on this virus as well as other issues. He has been a public servant for many years under numerous administrations.

C: Surgeon General of the United States: Dr. Jerome Adams is considered a top expert in the United States and could help us identify other experts across the country.

D: NY Department of Health 


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