President’s Budget Proposes to Eliminate Corporation for Public Broadcasting

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is the foundation of the public  broadcasting system in the United States.   Its primary function is to distribute funding to public broadcast stations, both radio and television across the country.  There are approximately 1500 public stations.

As he has proposed in the past, President Trump plans to eliminate funding for the CPB.  In FY 2020, CPB received $465 million in federal funding and anticipates receiving $445 million in 2021.  (CPB is forward funded)  The President’s budget would provide CPB with $30 million in 2021 to start closing out services.

It is worth noting that local public stations raise $6 for every $1 they receive in CPB grants.  The majority of funding (71%) is sent directly to public radio and television stations. Public media stations use funds received from CPB to:

  • Produce local programming
  • Provide community services in news, education, public safety and more
  • Purchase broadcast equipment
  • Acquire programming

Efforts to de-fund CPB have been tried previously, but blocked by Congress.  We expect to see a similar result this time as well.

To see a statement from Patricia Harrison, president and CEO of CPB click HERE.


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