FCC to Adopt New Carriage Notice Rules for LPTV Stations

The FCC previously changed the rules for full power commercial stations to notify cable systems of their election for either “must carry” or “retransmission consent” status.   Broadcast stations are now required to make their carriage elections by uploading those elections to their online public files and by providing a separate electronic notice of those elections to relevant MVPDs only when and if they change their election from the previous election period. Thus, only a limited number of notices will need to be sent to MVPDs and these will be sent via e-mail instead of via paper mail.

At its February meeting, the FCC is scheduled to adopt new notification rules for LPTV and noncommercial stations.  Low Power Television Stations (LPTVs) that qualify for mandatory carriage (qualified LPTVs) must send notices to affected multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) by e-mail when changing their carriage election status in the same manner as full power television broadcast stations. However, unlike the requirement for full power television broadcast stations, qualified LPTVs and noncommercial educational (NCE) television translator stations that qualify for must carry (qualified NCE translators) will not be required to make their carriage election statements available for public inspection.

For more details on the FCC’s new rulemaking HERE.


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