FCC Modernizes Rules for MVPD Notifications to Broadcasters

The Federal Communications Commission  modernized its notification rules for cable and satellite TV providers by transitioning certain notices to broadcast TV stations from paper to electronic delivery.

“Cable and satellite TV providers provide written notice to local TV stations before taking certain actions.  For example, cable operators must provide notice to TV broadcasters before launching service in a new market or deleting or repositioning a broadcast station within its channel lineup.  Similarly, satellite providers must give notice prior to retransmitting certain stations or launching new services into a market.

The new rules adopted today will require that cable and satellite TV providers use email to deliver covered notices to local TV stations—consistent with recent updates to the FCC’s carriage election notice rules.  For stations that maintain an online public inspection file, notices will be emailed to the same inbox that the station uses for communications relating to its election of must carry/retransmission consent status.  Stations that are not required to maintain such public files will receive notices at the general email address already provided in the Licensing and Management System under existing procedures.”

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