Move to Impressions over Ratings for Local TV Gaining Speed

A recent analysis in Media Village explains the shift away from ratings to impressions for local TV buys.  Using impressions will help provide a common metric for cross platform purchase.  However, differences between traditional TV and digital impressions remain.  The article states:

“A move to impressions will facilitate the easy inclusion of local TV into multiplatform buys and offer proof of performance. “Given the fragmentation of audiences, when you round ratings, you are losing audience; impressions allow us to capture the total audience,” Herkovic says. “Advertisers and agencies want to buy engagement with people — not households, not devices,” says David Hohman, executive vice president, demand-side media, at Nielsen. “Even though the measurement exists, it is up to the buyers and sellers to agree on what the transaction currency is going to be. Nielsen can develop it and make it available, but the industry has to adopt it.”

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