Make Sure You Inspect Tower Lighting Daily – FCC Reaches Consent Decree for $1.13 million

The Commission takes seriously its role in ensuring that antenna structures do not pose a hazard to air traffic. Monitoring lighting on these structures on a daily basis is a potentially life-saving measure critical to public safety. The Enforcement Bureau (Bureau) of the Federal Communications Commission has entered into a Consent Decree with respect to 11 antenna structures. Specifically, the Bureau’s investigated whether the broadcaster failed to conduct required daily inspections of the lighting systems of 10 antenna structures, failed to completely log 12 lighting failures at seven antenna structures, and failed to timely notify the Commission of its acquisition of two antenna structures.

To settle this matter, the broadcaster and the Enforcement Bureau agreed to implement a compliance plan and the station group will pay a $1,130,000 civil penalty. This action will help promote aviation safety near antenna structures.

To see the Enforcement Bureaus Decision click HERE.


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