Activate or Update Your Online Public Inspection File

As of March 1, 2018, all radio and television stations were required to transition their public inspection file to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) online public inspection file system (OPIF). As we have reminded stations on numerous occasions, the FCC is closely monitoring all stations.  It has informed us that a significant number of broadcasters, have not activated their online public file and others – both large and small – have failed to keep their public file up-to-date.

For those of you who have not activated your on line public file, you must do so immediately or  YOU WILL BE FINED.

Stations that have not kept their file up to date should make such corrections immediately.  This includes filings of all Quarterly Issues Programs lists and Children’s TV Reports. For the political file, you must upload political sales information within 24 hours.  Be proactive and check your public and political file.

All submissions to the on-line public and political files are date stamped by the FCC. So the FCC knows when you have uploaded the information.  So if you are missing documents, upload them today.  At renewal you will be asked whether you were in full compliance with the FCC on-line public file rules during the license term. You cannot answer yes to this question if you have been late with your on-line filings.  You will have to disclose these violations.  Remember lack of candor on an FCC application can lead to fines and have significant consequences on your renewal.

We urge you to contact your communications attorney, if you have not yet activated your on line public file or kept the on-line public or political file up to date.  Because each situation is slightly different, you should consult your attorney to see what it the best course of action for your station.

Now that the files are on-line and accessed easily, the FCC will review your on line public and political file.  Be proactive and use the Holidays to double check your public file.


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