Radio Active by William O’Shaughnessy – Local Radio at its Best

If you are searching for a guide about how to reach leaders in your community look no further than Bill O’Shaughnessy’s new book Radio Active.  This is the fifth book from broadcasting’s staunchest First Amendment advocate.  Radio Active is a collection of essays, eulogies and on air interviews from his broadcasting career.  More importantly, however, the essays and interviews in Radio Active provide stations with a template for serving your local community.

Former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil said it best, “All politics are local.”  Our country is built on local communities; a fact we often forget in today’s deeply divided political world.  To be sure this nation is a patchwork of different viewpoints and interests.  Local broadcasting is the “electronic thread” that binds this “quilt” together.  Radio Active offers tremendous insight into how a local broadcaster can bring a community together by discussing issues and interviewing leaders and citizens from diverse backgrounds.

Local broadcasting has a unique and essential role in today’s society.  Radio Active provides wonderful examples about how to achieve this mission.  It is a great read.  It’s a lot more effective promotional instrument than coffee mugs or tee shirts.

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