Radio and TV– A Move Towards an Impressions Model?

Are radio and TV moving towards an “impressions-based” advertising model?  Recent discussions at both TVB and the Radio Show indicate some desire to look at a new approach to audience measurement. Given the increasing competition from digital offerings it appears many in industry are beginning to explore a new approach to audience measurements.

According to an article in Inside Radio there is some desire to move in that direction:

“Changing the way radio transacts business, from the long-used cost per point ratings model to an impressions-based system, is quickly gaining momentum among broadcasters. The topic was the top agenda item during the NAB’s Committee on Local Radio Audience Measurement (COLRAM) meeting at the Radio Show last month in Dallas, fueling an hour-long discussion where participants said there was an urge to fast-track the transition.

This radio conversation follows a previous discussion at TVB’s Forward Conference. As reported in TV NewsCheck:

“Among TVB’s goals for its annual TV Forward conference was to convince all broadcasters and media agencies to buy and sell spot TV using impressions rather than conventional ratings points.

Whether the trade group was successful remains to be seen, but it made a strong case as several speakers touted the benefits of impressions at the daylong conference in New York Thursday.”

It is worth looking closely at this important change.  It should help broadcasters compete more effectively with digital.  In addition, many programs that fall below the Nielsen reporting thresholds will now be recognized.

To see the article in Inside Radio click HERE.

To see the report in TV NewsCheck click HERE.


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