Nielsen Time Shifting – Rating Enhancement Varies by Genre

We all know that analyzing time shifting will give a boost to ratings.  According to Nielsen “(A)t the beginning of the last television season (October 1 to December 30, 2018) traditional viewing beyond live or same day out to 35 days actually provided a 10% lift in viewing. That accounts for an average of 2.7 million more viewers connecting with this content beyond live or SD! And among persons 18-49 the lift is higher at 14%, or 1.1 million viewers, respectively, over the same time period.”

The increase in viewing also depends on the type of content and genre that is being time shifted.  For example according to Nielsen, delayed viewing increased “40% higher for primetime dramas among all people and 65% higher among consumers 18-49. Looking at some of the more popular types of programs among consumers found that even at the low end of the spectrum beyond same day viewing provides lifts of upward of 20%.”

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