Flavored Vaping Products Banned in New York State

Governor Cuomo announced a ban on “flavored” electronic cigarettes/vaping products in New York State.   Enforcement begins on October 4, 2019.

The ban does not apply to menthol or tobacco flavored vaping products. (The ban applies to “mint” flavored vaping products).  It is expected that menthol flavors will be banned on October 10th when the Public Health Council meets.

The ban on flavored vaping products is the latest action by New York State to limit vaping. Last week the New York State Health Department asked consumers to stop using vaping products while they were being studied.

“Heeding the warnings from CDC and at the direction of Governor Cuomo, today I am urging New Yorkers to stop using vape products while the investigation into the definitive cause of reported vaping-associated illnesses nationwide can be better determined. The Wadsworth Center, New York State’s public health laboratory, is diligently testing both cannabis and nicotine-containing vape products received from people experiencing serious lung-related illnesses”.

Bottom line, stations should examine vaping advertising carefully to see if it includes “flavored” vaping products.  Advertising containing “flavored” vaping products is now illegal in New York State.  Each station must make an individual decision regarding these advertisements and potential risk to your station’s license.

To see the NY Health Department guidelines click HERE.

To see the Governors press release on the subject HERE.


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