SAGE ENDEC Equipment Update August 12th

For stations using and SAGE model 3644, SAGE has sent the following update.  Note this update takes effect after the August 7th national test.  Here is the message

“This message is from Sage Alerting Systems regarding your Sage Digital ENDEC model 3644. It applies only to users in the United States.

Sage has released firmware version 89-34. This free update addresses a changed requirement in the FCC EAS rules, Part 11.33(a)(10), which affects how the valid time frame of an alert is determined. This rule change takes effect on August 12, 2019. The ENDEC currently employs a slightly different method of determining the valid time frame. The update will have no adverse effect on the reception and relay of valid alerts. All users must install this update.

NOTE: This release does not affect the ENDEC’s reception and relay of the scheduled August 7, 2019 National Periodic Test. Whether your ENDEC is running version 89-30, 89-32, or this new version 89-34, your ENDEC will relay the NPT.

Click HERE for details on this update.

Sage also plans a major version release in September. As is typical with data security, old methods are discarded in favor of new, more secure methods. FEMA will be making a change to the method used to connect to its IPAWS server, disabling an older method in favor of the new standard. Our September release will support that change. After the FEMA switchover, older versions of the ENDEC software will not be able to receive CAP messages from IPAWS. In addition, the September release will focus on features our users have asked for, including the ability to preferentially send the CAP version of EAS messages for most alerts, role-based logins, enhanced automation interfaces (IP and GPIO), day parts, activity logging, emailed summary logs, and more. This release will be mandatory.

While Sage has made updates available at no charge since the original 2008 release of the Model 3644 ENDEC, there will be a one-time charge of $349 for the September release. The release will only be sold through our distributors. This update will be provided free of charge for ENDECs purchased new after March 1, 2018 (eighteen months prior to September 2019). We’ll send out an email when that release is available.

If you have any questions regarding these updates, please email us at or call 914-872-4069 and press 1 for support. If you get voice mail, please leave a message and we will return your call.

Finally, a reminder that FEMA plans to run a National Periodic Test on August 7, 2019. You can verify that your ENDEC is configured to carry the alert by using the “Verify Req” button at the bottom of the tools page in the ENDEC’s web interface. Click it and the ENDEC will show the filter names that match the EAN and NPT codes, and an indication that your settings are, or are not, compliant. If you don’t have a “Verify Req” button, or you don’t see the “Your ENDEC will meet the FCC requirements” messages for EAN and NPT, then you are running a pre-2016 release. Check our above web page, or contact support if you need assistance in updating.”


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