Nielsen Insights – Media Choices – Listeners and Viewers Stay with What they Know

We live in a time with a plethora of media choices. In an environment with literally thousands of media choices, what do consumers prefer? Do consumer subscribe to numerous on line services?  Do they tend to focus on social media outlets?  Nielsen Insights has posted a very interesting study on this topic.

“[W] so much choice available, how are modern consumers navigating the “paradox of choice” and deciding what to watch? Are they embracing subscription and on-demand services, or relying on traditional means like live scheduled programs and DVR?

Surprisingly, findings from the first-quarter Nielsen Total Audience Report suggest that it might be the latter, as streaming users tend to gravitate back toward their traditional TV preferences when they’re not sure what to watch. Still, seven in 10 homes have a subscription video on demand (SVOD) service and 72% use streaming-capable TV devices, putting the onus on streaming services to keep users engaged with the content on their increasingly accessible platforms”.

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