IAB Digital Sales Session Set for DLA on October 17th

Back by popular demand, this IAB course prepares both experienced media sellers and those new to digital media for the only globally recognized credential for digital media sales professionals. This course will help you sell digital products with more credibility, while providing impactful solutions for clients. Learn why more than 9,500 digital leaders are participating in IAB Certification!  Build credibility and trust with buy-side partners, colleagues, and employers. Demonstrate fluency in digital media sales strategy and knowledge of the digital media industry. Demonstrate your commitment to professional development. Whether you decide to take the exam or not, the information obtained from this session will make you a better account executive.

For more detailed DLA schedule information – click HERE.

You may register for the DLA on the NAB NY show web site HERE.  Please use our special discount registration code “NYSBA19” to obtain free access.


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