FCC Gets Tough on Sponsorship ID – Proposed $233,000 Fine

Stations should make sure they comply with the FCC’s Sponsorship ID rules.

The Federal Communications Commission proposed a $233,000 fine against four Cumulus Media subsidiaries for apparent violations of the FCC’s sponsorship identification rules, and for apparently failing to promptly self-report some of these violations to the FCC despite its agreement to do so under a prior Consent Decree with the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau.

According to the FCC, it action “…[A]dvances the agency’s longstanding goals of protecting consumers by ensuring that they know who is attempting to persuade them, and of protecting broadcasters and sponsors from unfair competitors that fail to abide by the FCC’s sponsorship disclosure rules.  When a broadcast licensee fails to disclose the sponsor of paid programming, it might mislead the public into believing that the paid broadcast material is a station’s independently-generated news or editorial content.  In addition, this action advances the Commission’s commitment to ensure that parties fully comply with consent decrees and other FCC orders.

To see a copy of the FCC’s Notice of Apparent Liability click HERE.


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