FCC Proposes to Update Rules Governing Cable and Satellite System Notifications to Broadcasters

The FCC has opened a proceeding soliciting comment on the notification rules for cable and satellite TV providers. Among the suggestions is a proposal to transition required notices to broadcast TV stations from paper to electronic delivery.

Currently, the rules require that cable and satellite TV providers distribute written notices to local TV stations by mail, certified mail, or hand delivery before taking certain actions.  For example, cable operators must provide notice before commencing service in a market or deleting or repositioning a broadcast station.  Similarly, satellite providers must give notice prior to retransmitting certain stations and launching new services into a market.

The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking proposes that notices from a cable operator to a broadcast TV station may be delivered via email to an inbox designated by the station on its online public inspection file (OPIF).  The Notice seeks comment on whether satellite TV providers similarly should be required to use email to deliver notices to broadcast TV stations.

In addition, the NPRM seeks comment on whether and how the proposal to require electronic delivery of notices can be applied to certain low power TV and noncommercial translator stations that are not required to maintain an On-Line Public Inspection File.

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