STELAR on Tap in Washington This Week – Retransmission Consent at Issue

Today the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology held a hearing on the Satellite Television Extension Localism and Reauthorization Act (STELAR).  This issue will also be discussed when the Senate Commerce Committee holds a hearing tomorrow.  This Act expires at the end of 2019.  The issue is whether it should be renewed.

STELAR gives DISH and DirecTV the ability to import distant signals in markets where there is no local-into-local satellite service.  It does not affect us, as all New York TV markets have local-into-local service.  Nonetheless, STELAR has been used as a legislative vehicle to adopt restrictive rules that undermine our retransmission consent negotiations.  The time has come to let STELAR expire.

In preparation for the House Hearing, we sent the attached letter to Congresswoman Yvette Clarke who sits on the Communications and Technology Subcommittee.  We have made our views known to other New York Congressional members on the House Commerce Committee as well as Senator Schumer.  There are no New York Senators on the Senate Commerce Committee at this time.  NAB President Gordon Smith represented television stations at the hearing.

To see a copy of our letter to Congresswoman Yvette Clarke click HERE.


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