Gaming Commission Approves Sports Gambling in Casinos

Yesterday afternoon the New York Gaming Commission adopted final rules to authorize sports wagering in the four “commercial” New York licensed casinos as well as the “full service” Native-American owned casinos such as Turning Stone in Verona.  The rules apply only to sports gambling inside the casino.  Thus, authorization is limited to “brick and mortar” casinos.  The initial proposal was released last January.

The rule does not authorize on-line sports gaming or sports gambling at OTB facilities.  Allowing on-line and OTB sports betting will require legislative action.  While there is some movement in the New York State legislature, it is not clear that new legislation will pass this session.  The session ends June 19th.

Accordingly, stations may accept advertising for sports betting operating at these facilities.

Final rules have not been published. To see a copy of the proposed rules voted on by the New York Gaming Commission click HERE.


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