FCC’s New Incubator Program Approved by OMB – Participating Radio Stations Eligible for Waiver of Local Radio Ownership Rules

Last year the FCC adopted a new program to encourage new and diverse entrants into broadcasting.  The office of Management and Budget, which must approve all new government information requirements, has approved the FCC’s plan.

According to the FCC: “Through the incubator program, an established station owner (i.e., the incubating entity) will provide a small, aspiring or struggling station owner (i.e., the incubated entity) with the training, financing, and access to resources that would be otherwise unavailable to the incubated entity. At the end of a successful incubation relationship, the incubated entity will own the incubated station (or a newly acquired full-service AM or FM station), and the incubated station will also be on a firmer footing (if it had been struggling). In return for successfully incubating a small, aspiring or struggling station owner, the incubating entity will be eligible to receive a waiver of the Commission’s Local Radio Ownership Rule as discussed in the Incubator Order.”

The FCC is now accepting applications for the incubator program.

To see the FCC Public Notice describing the Plan click HERE.


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