School, Government, and Community Event Content Subscription Service for TV & Radio is a service that streams school, government, library and community event content so it can be customized by local media sites for use on the web, in mobile apps, email and Voice.

For a given zip code Burbio provides content for between 20 and 50 organizations and allows media companies to customize for communities and residents, making it perfect for the age of connected media.   The event content is completely unique as social media services and search engines don’t provide this information in an organized format, which allows local news organizations to engage their consumers with mission critical information that only they can deliver.

Burbio’s technology reads source sites and automatically updates for changes providing turnkey access to all content.   Burbio has multiple integration options – an API, embeddable widgets, email, Voice, and tools to sell event placements.   For more information on this rapidly expanding platform please email


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