New Additional Free IAB On-Line Courses Available for NYSBA Members

Good News! The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has added two new on line courses to the suite of courses that are offered to NYSBA members in good standing for free.  The new courses are:

Direct to Consumer Branding: Direct-to-consumer brands (DTC) are disrupting the traditional retail economy, capturing unprecedented market share from legacy category leaders. IAB’s The Rise of the 21st Century Brand Economy, a groundbreaking research study, first identified the economic factors, technologies, and marketing trends transforming the way modern brands communicate. This online, direct-to-consumer class traces the development of direct brands and explains how you and your organization can thrive in the direct brand economy. Direct Consumer Brands:

 Cross Platform Video Sales:  Cross-Platform Video Training is a comprehensive training that explains how to best leverage cross-platform video advertising capabilities. The curriculum focuses in particular on digital video and advanced TV ecosystems; advertising standards, terminology, technologies and best practices for planning, purchasing, targeting, optimizing; and measuring video ad campaign effectiveness on digital channels.

As you know, NYSBA offers a complete suite of IAB digital sales training to NYSBA members in good standing.  A description of the IAB can be found on our website by clicking HERE.

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